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 Children, parents and teachers have been enjoying Jambori since 2005 and we’re confident that your child will love what we offer!

Whether you  have your own children or work with other people’s we’re sure that you’re going to love our Music and Movement Sessions .


Nursery Rhymes, Action Songs, Visual Aids, Musical Instruments, hoops, balls, balloons, and much more. 

Children develop social skills, coordination, language, numeracy,listening skills, confidence, Welsh 

While parents make friends, socialise, learn new songs and activities to share, see their child develop, enjoy their child’s enjoyment of learning

 We know that time is precious and that you want to spend the best possible quality time with your child.  We’re 100% confident that as well as being filled with opportunities for learning and physical development, Jambori will also provide you BOTH with wonderful moments and happy memories

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